There's a lot that goes into a product and there's a lot we ask of our products. Aussie's have very high standards; and the products made in Australia have to meet these demands every day.

Luckily Australian farmers, processors, fisher-people and manufacturers create top quality products; so by buying their goods you're supporting local jobs, the economy, our skills as well as the knowledge and skills required for Australia's future.

Australian's want to buy Australian manufactured and produced goods; we've just noticed that they've had difficulty finding them.

That's where Aussie Supplies comes in.

Aussie Supplies is a 100% Australian owned company focused on advocating and increasing Australian made product sales within Australia. We want to encourage all Australians to "Think Australia First" when looking for their favourite products!

Our goal is to increase Australian made product sales by making locally made products easy to source, tied up with continual education of the benefits it brings. We hope that you can help us along the way. 

We want to Empower Australians to access Australian made products online effortlessly.