Hasa Hands - Salad ServersHasa Hands - Salad ServersHasa Hands - Salad Servers


Please note that not all products will be identical to those shown in these images as each tree is different with unique markings. Materials: Huon Pine grows only in the temperate rainforests of Tasmania. It is one of the world's most desirable, agelless and exclusive furniture and veneering timbers. Drawn from a very slow growing and long-lived tree, the timber is like a time capsule. Several examples of Huon Pine are believed to be over 2,000 years old, making them one of the oldest living things in the world.Almost all Huon Pine forests are reserved and the resource that is available comes from logs salvaged from rivers, the forest floor and areas inundated by hydro electric schemes.

Hasa Hands - Salad Servers

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